Nearby Accommodations:

  • Signature Quilt Bed and Breakfast – Located in Gilbertsville, 4 miles from the workshop. $80 per night for up to 4 people in a two bedroom apartment with living room and kitchen. For more information, call 607-783-2513
  • Leatherstocking Bed and Breakfast – Outside of Gilbertsville. $100-120 per night. For more information, call 607-783-2757 or 201-666-1754
  • Roswell Wright Bed and Breakfast – Located in Unadilla, 10 miles from workshop. Starting at $30 per night depending on length of stay and need for breakfast/microwave and fridge in room. For more information, call 607-369-2605

At the Workshop:

There are two large rooms over the workshop where students can stay dormitory-style with meals included. The larger of the rooms is pictured above.

  • For salt and raku workshop: $65 per night
  • For July 28 – August 2: $850
  • For July 28 – August 24: $1700

Contact me to reserve space in the accommodations at the workshop.