Summer Workshops




Garden Workshop

Session I: June 26-29 from 10-12

Session II: June 26-29 from 1-3

Glazing for both sessions July 17 from 1-3

Large fanciful planters, garden seats, birdbaths, fountains or sculpture can be built with large coils, slabs, or thrown on the potter’s wheel. The class is appropriate for anyone who likes to works boldly.

Adults and children are welcome.


Plates and Painting on Clay- a clay class for young children
July 3, glazing on July 17 from 10-11

A Breakfast Set: bowl and mug
July 11,13, glazing on July 19 from 1-3
This workshop would serve as a good introduction to the wheel for all ages. Experienced potters are, of course, welcome as well.

Pottery for a Dinner Party
July 18, 20, glazing July 28 from 1-3
What are you thinking of serving? Do you want a wide expansive plate or an open bowl? Will you drink out of a mug or a goblet? This workshop will give you a chance to experiment with one or two forms as you like and as time permits.

Salt Firing Workshop
with Kim L’Heureux

July 20, 21, 23

Early American potters often used salt glaze to finish their pottery. Salt was more available than the feldspars and myriad of other chemicals that can be used in stoneware firing. Often designs were painted on the pottery with cobalt slips for blues and iron slips for browns. The pottery often had an orange peel texture for the surface now valued by collectors. In this century a variety of slips and glazes are available for the surface of the salt glazed pottery.
Part of the fun for a studio potter is the drama of the firing. Salt is inserted into the red hot kiln, The sodium in the salt volatilizes, forms a vapor that combines with the surface clay of the wares in the kiln.
Come to the workshop with up to 10 medium sized bisqued pieces made of stoneware clay. Clay needs to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 2380F. Alternatively, clay can be purchased in advance for $35 per 10 pound log. You will be allotted a space approximately 14′ h x 14″ x 24″. Glazing the wares and stacking of the kiln will take place on Thursday, July 20 from 10:30-4:30pm approx. The firing will take place on Friday, July 21. We will unstack the kiln, scrape kiln shelves and admire our work on Sunday, July 23 in the afternoon


More workshops will be added, so keep a look out. Suggestions are welcome.

August Workshop

July 31-August 27

See August tab above for details.


or $900 for a half workshop


Raku Workshop

August 14, 15, 21, 22

See Raku tab above for details.




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