Summer Workshops

photo by Ted Rowley

Garden Workshop I: June 24 to 27 from 10-12. Glazing: July 24 from 10-12
Garden Workshop II: June 24-27 from 1-3. Glazing: July 24 from 10-12
Large fanciful planters, garden seats, birdbaths, fountains or sculpture can be built with large coils, slabs, or thrown on the potter’s wheel. The class is appropriate for anyone who likes to work boldly. Adults and children are welcome.
$175 (50 pounds of clay included. Extra clay @ $35 for 10 pound log)

Clay for Young Children: July 8 from 11 to 12. Glazing: July 15 from 11-12
Children will make planters from a form or free with coils of clay. If they are inspired to fashion a container they may and even put an animal on the lid.

Cover Jars: July 9 and 11 from 10-12. Glazing: July 24 from 10-12. Novice and experienced potters can try their hand at making cover jars: perhaps honey jars, sugar bowls, casseroles, storage containers as time allows. $75

Tea for Two: July 9 and 11 from 1 to 3. Glazing: July 24 from 1-3 Make a cup and saucer or a tea mug and little cake plate for yourself and a friend. If you are taking the cover jar class you could be brave and try a teapot. It might be fun to decorate the the pieces either very simply or with a special design.

Salt Firing: July 12 from 10-4: glazing of bisqued pieces and stacking salt kiln, July 13: firing and salting of kiln, July 15 : unstacking of kiln, admiring of pieces and reconditioning of shelves.
This workshop is led by Kim L’Heureux. Bring up to 10 medium sized bisqued pieces made of stoneware clay. Clay needs to withstand temperatures of up to 2380F. Alternatively, clay can be purchased in advance for $35 per 10 pound log. You will be allotted space approximately 14′ h x 14″ x 24″. $175

August Workshop: July 29 to August 25. from 10-4 weekdays and open studio.This is the most exciting class of the summer, an intensive workshop for advanced potters and sculptors in clay as well as beginners. It is especially adapted for artists without previous experience in clay.. There will be demonstrations on the potter’s wheel and frequent consultations. Students will be able to experiment with a salt kiln as well as two reduction kilns and electric kilns. $1900 includes lunch on weekdays and up to 2 machine loads of clay, about 400 pounds
It is possible to take a half workshop for $950

Raku Workshop: August 12,13, glaze and firing: August 19 and 20. It’s possible we will need an extra day for firing. This workshop is led by Kim L’Heureux who has developed excellent techniques for raku firing over many years. Elizabeth Nields will also join in the teaching. $175 includes up to 8 pieces $10 for each extra piece.
More details of Salt, August and Raku workshops on request.