Raku Workshop

 Raku Workshop: August 13, 14, 20  and 21   from 10-4.

On the second week glazing starts at 10 on Monday. Firing will be Monday afternoon, Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday. Some scheduling of the firing is possible.

Bring a sandwich for lunch or even better a dish to pass.

$175 for up to 8 pieces, $10 for each extra piece.

Raku was developed for tea ceremony in Japan. It means happy or enjoyment of leisure. Japanese tea bowls were traditionally “wabi and sabi” an aesthetic that rejoiced in the unexpected and rustic. .. like water gathered in a rock after a rain storm.

Participants are welcome to try their hand at the wheel, making vases or tea bowls…cover jars or they can be free, work by hand or from their imagination.

This workshop will be led by Kim L’Heureux and Elizabeth Nields. Kim has developed firing methods that are very successful both in obtaining beautiful pieces and bringing pieces safely through the dramatic firing process where pieces are taken red hot from the kiln and put in sawdust, straw or other organic materials and water. She feels this workshop is particularly good for “team building”

Those who prefer the look of reduction, stoneware firing can plan on high fire pieces.

Click here to view pictures of works by artists of past raku workshops.


Contact me to register for these workshops.